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Home cleaning and disinfecting

A natural need for protection.

Germo products for home cleaning and disinfecting are chosen by millions of people every day.

People that are looking for a pleasant scent, along with the protection only a disinfectant can guarantee, choose Germo for the reliability of its products.


Detergents and disinfectants for hand and machine washing

Objects and surfaces

Linea Casa Germoform


Seeking safety and protection is part of human nature: every day we do that when making sure our home or car are safe. Or even when we go to the doctor for our periodical check-ups.

For this reason, Germo does not just offer home cleaning products, but also disinfectants. We believe that home cleaning and disinfecting is a need not just for those who have children, pets, allergies or health conditions, but for everyone who wants protection from germs, viruses and bacteria.

Germo created two home product lines:

Linea Classica, chosen by millions of people

Novalcasadegreaser disinfectant for delicate surfaces, and Seril Bucato, washing machine additive disinfectant for a clean, disinfected and odour-proof laundry, are included in this product line.

Linea Germoform, the new product line that stands out!

Restyled graphics to highlight Germo brand as quality guarantee for the products offered. New labels and new products for you to try!

  • Private clients can buy Germo products in many supermarkets or stores specialized in home and personal hygiene.
  • Supermarkets or stores interested in large quantities can contact Germo directly to evaluate the most suitable solution with a dedicated sales consultant.

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