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Our Vision: competing in excellence.

The corporate philosophy of Germo aims at the full satisfaction of Customers through the quality of product and service provided.

Germo’s company commitment declines both in defining sales, investment and development strategies that are always tailored to industry trends, and in organizing its supply chain in the respect of quality, safety and company’s social responsibility.

To this end Germo aims to anticipate the needs of its Customers facing, with enthusiasm and professionalism, new challenges, including, nowadays, the most important that certainly is to be able to develop a strong international presence.

Corporate strategic plan sets as main target to export worldwide innovation, efficiency and quality Made in Italy by Germo and placing the Company among the international actors in the field of disinfection.

Germo disinfettanti vision


In an increasingly aggressive global market, in which competitiveness often works to the detriment of the quality of products, Germo chose a different strategy, consistently with the professional ethics that historically characterises this brand: investing significant resources in Research and Development and life-long training projects, establishing its competitiveness on the excellence of its products and resources.

Relying on the success achieved so far by its strategy, Germo will continue to invest in Research and Innovation to offer its customers an ever-increasing catalogue of high quality Italian products along with the maximum production efficiency.

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