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Our story

Germo: a history of entrepreneurship at the service of research and innovation lasting sixty years we try to tell you.

1956 – The foundation

The story of Germo – then Chemical Z.C. Italiana – began in 1956. Since then, the Company specializes in the production of pesticides and disinfectants for medical, pharmaceutical and hospital industry.

1956-1989 – The primacy

Thanks to significant investments in Research and Development that have always distinguished the brand, Germo became the first company in Italy to offer disinfectants containing different active ingredients, and thus more effective, thanks to the combined effect of their components. A leadership that placed Germo among the key industry players, as evidenced by the spot of Germo Spray, still kept in “Archivio Luce”.

1980 – Private Label

Began the private label production, medical devices and cosmetics fitting the highest industry certification.

Not surprisingly some of the most important brand in the sector, including Amuchina, Menarini, Wuerth, Chicco, Bennet, Simply, Montefarmaco and Jacuzzi have already entrusted Germo in producing some of their leading products.

1989 – Il successo di GermoZero

The company took on its current name, sealing the great success of those years given by the marketing of the line Germozero in Italian pharmacies.


By creating lines dedicated to personal hygiene, cosmetics and household cleaning, Germo extends the target sectors of its products reaching the shelves of supermarkets, confirming a gradual and steady growth on national and international markets.

Germo currently offers more than 70 formulations such as medical devices, disinfectants and cosmetics, 150 types of packaging and dedicated lines for every need.

  • Professional Line: Medical Products and Medical Devices for disinfection of surfaces, instruments and the skin of the patient and medical staff.
  • Person Line: disinfectants and sanitizers for personal hygiene.
  • Home Line: Medical devices for surface disinfection of housing, like the bathroom and kitchen, laundry and children’s items.


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